For eye makeup, I always use the right brush to achieve the effect I want. I’ve tried the little sponge thingy and even my fingers. The desired look just doesn’t match up.

If you’re new to brushes, I will explain to you what kind of brush you need – and their purpose. They can all be multi purpose, depending on how you use them. First, feel the brush hair. The fluffier it is, the less colour it deposits. Dense brushes pack on more colour. That’s why fluffier brushes are for blending or putting on a soft layer of colour.

Here I will only talk about brushes I use to place colour on my lids. Below are a few brushes that I usually use. They are a mixture of both MAC and Sigma brushes. I included links so you can go check out the brushes for yourself.


The first brush on the left is usually used to pack on eye colour on your lid. Mine is a Sigma E55. It’s made of soft natural bristles. The hair is dense so you can pick up more product. It can be used for pressed powder or loose powder shadow. I love this brush! Instead of swiping the colour on your lid, try tapping on the colour for more oomph. Layer on the colour for the desired intensity.

The second from the left is a much bigger brush which I use for both eyes and face. The one I have is Sigma E50. I use it to quickly put on neutral colours on my entire lid, and I also use it to dust some powder under my eyes. The natural bristles are soft and really dense. I sometimes use it to put highlight colour under my brows.

The third brush from the left is from MAC. It is a large shader brush number 252. This brush is suitable for both powder and emolient formula. So if you like cream shadows, you can use this brush. It’s quite a large brush for me but it’s soft and firm enough to place the colour where I want it. I use it for cream shadows and sometimes concealer on my face.

The last brush from the left is just like a MAC 252, but a little smaller. Mine is Sigma’s E60. You can also try turning it side ways to blend out harsh lines.

I have tried many brushes from other brands but in the end, I’d always go back to my MAC and Sigma brushes. When I wash my brushes, these are the 2 brands that do not shed or give out some funky smell. To be honest, Sigma brushes are definitely more wallet friendly and very comparable to MAC quality. Furthermore, they ship worldwide and the brush kits are mmmmm lovely!

Click here to visit Sigma Beauty or click here to visit MAC Cosmetics. MAC does not offer worldwide shipping. You can go to their stores to purchase the brushes if you’re interested.

Check out Part 2 for blending brushes, smudge brushes (great for smokey eyes) and eye liner brushes.



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Written by Lily