Whew! A mouthful…

These babies stay on forever and these colours are amazing for the inner corners of your eyes or if you just want a pop of shimmer! As you can see in the swatch below, they’re not too sparkly which is great. Otherwise, they will just enhance the lines around the eyes, if you have any.


Blizzard is also great as a base. Because it’s white, the eye colours that you put on will really come out true to its pan. You can also apply it really sheer around your cheeks and on the bridge of your nose as highlight, prior to a powder highlighter, or prior to applying your blush. Good multi tasker. And no, it will not come out looking ashy… on my skin tone anyway.



The blue is a great base before putting on eye colours from blue, green to purple. There will be a cool tinge to the colours. As you can see, this shade does not shout BLUE! Rather, it’s quite subtle with silver shimmers.



These are definitely worth the investment. I love them! It’ll take some time for me to finish the products. So, I always remind myself to keep them in a cool dry place, with its cap screwed on TIGHT. Otherwise, it’ll dry up on me. Unlike powders, these creamies have a shorter life span. Also, if they start smelling funny, throwing them out will be the safest bet.



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Written by Lily