My Affair with Gigolo, Pimp Guerlain

This is a public confession. As you know, I am a married woman and a mother. Life can get pretty mundane. I go to work, I come home, I babysit, I do motherly things, I blog, that’s it. That’s my boring life. There isn’t any spice anymore. No excitement. So, I decided to get myself a Gigolo. I mean, a woman has to try it once in her life. What is it like to have an affair with Gigolo?


I tell you, it is sexy but in a darker kind of way. The Guerlain way :-P Sometimes I wonder what the brand is thinking, giving its lipstick such a naughty name. You can’t imagine what dirty things are going through my mind right now. Too bad there might be under-aged readers here. Otherwise… it’s gonna be saucy!



For those of you who are uninitiated, Guerlain Rouge G is a range of lipsticks with extravagant packaging and just as luxurious texture. Housed in a heavy metal case, the lipstick called Gigolo is a dark berry shade. It is not so dark that it is vampy, but it’s dark enough to look sultry and maybe a little bloody ;-) On my lips, it can look like a dark red, but when blotted out, the berry hue shows up more. Here is what it looks like on my arm.



Gigolo is very pigmented and the texture of the lipstick is amazingly moisturizing but lasting. I can wear this shade for 5 hours and then some, no feathering, no flaking. After a meal and even after wiping my mouth with tissue, I am STILL left with a berry stain. I can just apply lip balm on top of the remaining stain and it’s a completely different look. The staining also suggests proper removal using a lip makeup remover. Below is a photo of Gigolo in full swing on my lips (pun not intended, but now that I think about it, I’ll just leave it be). It looks more red here but in real life, it is a shade darker.



I never knew I could wear a shade this bold with confidence. I think blogging has somehow paid off. I used to steer clear of all strong colours. Now I actually have confidence in pulling off a colour like this. It can be quite strong to wear this to work. It is a statement lip for sure. So, I like to blot it out, and wear it sheerer. However, no matter how much you blot, the word sheer just doesn’t sit right. I’ll show you why.



This is blotted to the max, with just a stain left, but it is a dark berry stain. I still wore it to work, and it added life to my pale yellow skin. On another note, blush has to be worn heavier so that I won’t look like a vampire who just had her meal. The trick to wear bold lips = wear it with attitude. I purchased the Guerlain Rouge G Gigolo through strawberryNet when it was on special purchase. I paid about RM100, which is a deal.

Have you tried this? What do you think of this shade? Would you wear Gigolo in all its glory on your lips, or would you blot away some of the drama to wear it like a stain?


xoxo Lily



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  • Claire

    I hope you had a lot of fun with your gigolo :P it looks gorgeous on you. I also like it as a blush mixed with vaseline. When I see those kinda shades I get weak almost all the time. *sigh* but they are so pretty, can’T help – just gorgeous!

    • Lily

      It’s a gorgeous shade, for sure :-) I like your blush idea…I have to try it! I wonder how it’ll work in this hot and humid weather though.

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Oooh this is so pretty on you and perfect for fall! And I love that picture of you–I think it’s the first time I’ve seen you post a smiley picture!! :D

    • Lily

      LOL! I did some smiley pictures before but I always thought I looked goofy… -__-“

  • Liyeun

    Oh dear, such a bold colour! It’s very nice on u, but i dont think i will ever be able to pull it off… Huhuhu…. I will just stick to pinks, reds and oranges.

    • Lily

      You’ll surprise yourself Liyuen. All you need to accept it yourself :-) We are our own worst critic after all!

      • Liyeun

        Hahaha it took my years to finally accept red (remember i told u dat i started reading beauty blogs during my confinement, i saw ur blog, and i became adventurous, thanks to u!) but i dont think i wanna gigolo in my mundane life now. Lol! Anyway I love how u wrote your little anecdote to introduce this lipstick! U r so creative!

        • Lily

          Lol, I remember :-) One day, my friend, one day, you’ll be a little adventurous and naughty and decide you’ll want to give it a go. When that day comes, let me know! We’ll paint the town dark berry. Haha!

  • Hanny Daforcena

    EEE Pretty! But then again, I have way way WAAAY too many bold pink lipsticks heh heh. This will have to wait.

    • Lily

      I wouldn’t describe this as pink though. Definitely berry mauve :-)

  • Sunny

    Haha Lily, this post is so naughty!

    Rouge G has one of my favorite formulas out there, and Gigolo is gorgeous on you! I tend to want to wear Rouge G with all the impact it can have ;)

    • Lily

      I am quite surprised I could pull off this shade. I love it vamped up for sure!!

  • Larie

    You look great, Lily! Once upon a time I thought dark lipstick wouldn’t work…and then I decided, the hell with it :P It’s not like any stranger I met would see me more than once, right? Hahaha. And the important thing is that YOU like it – I think it looks fabulous! It’s always nice to experiment.

    • Lily

      Thanks Larie! You lipstick bandits did a lot of influencing too :-) And yes, I’ve been having fun experimenting!

  • lyn

    Love the name! The lipstick looks fantastic on you and you should wear more bold colours :-)

    • Lily

      Thanks Lyn! I have been loving berry reds recently :-)

  • L e n a

    i love everything about this color! the name and the color. ;)
    it looks beautiful on you.

    • Lily

      Hi L e n a, thanks for dropping by. Glad you like it :-)

  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    Oooh this color is gorgeous! i’m putting this on the list! PS i love that first bit – you’re so funny!

    • Lily

      Thank you Joyce. You have to try this colour :-)

  • Emily

    I know what you mean about how it’s so beautiful it’s almost erotic to look at! No, it is erotic– check out the sumptuous pictures Temptalia’s posted of this shade, it gives me chills and makes me want a boy to kiss. Colours can do that to us, or me at least.
    I JUST shelled out an obscene amount of money for Tom Ford’s Black Orchid lipstick and should NOT be circling this one like a horny lioness, since they’re basically sisters, not twins, but definitely half-siblings, colour-wise. I have no reason to crave it like I do, except that when I see that lush, secretive wine swatch on your wrist, I could just howl at the moon! What is it about these colours that can provoke such a primal reaction? is it a blood-thing? That’s a tad creepy… I don’t know, I’m still investigating my lust affair with colour, trying to figure it out logically but the rational eludes me.
    I suppose a bit of it is the pull of the inevitable– yes, I adore my beautiful Tom Ford, but already know it’s going to be veeery hard not to adopt her sexy sister. Lipsticks need company, they’re social creatures!

    From a very odd girl

    • Lily

      You’re a very sensual person, Emily ;-) I haven’t tried anything Tom Ford yet, and Black Orchid is definitely on my list to try. I have a lust for dark red slash burgundy shade too. It is a very sexy shade, and it is very flattering on many skin tones. I love the way you write, and you’re not odd at all. Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you’ll drop by again!