I don’t know what it is about blushes and me. I used to go crazy at one point, then I decided to give it a rest for a while, but now I’m back. This one, I really can’t resist. It is a limited edition item from Shiseido to commemorate their 140th anniversary. All I can say is WOW. Saying that a century and a half is a long time is the lamest understatement of all. LOL!


The blush is housed in a sleek black compact with red camellia design on the flip top lid. There is a mirror inside so that we can conveniently touch up wherever we are. The case opens up, revealing a beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking view of this. Isn’t it lovely? The glitter is just an over spray so don’t worry. It doesn’t make your cheeks sparkle nor does it emphasize pores.



The shades in this Camellia Compact are absolutely stunning. There is a white which can be used as a highlighter, a rosy pink and a darker burnt orange red. That’s the best description I can give based on the colours swatched on my arm. I like to use it by dabbing my blush brush on the pan (tap tap tap), mix all the colours at the back of my hand (swirl the brush gently), then blend them on my cheeks. I have to warn you that the colours areĀ SUPER pigmented. That’s also the reason why I take off some colour before using it on my cheeks.

I’m pretty sure this blush looks different on everyone. You might pick up more pink, some might pick up more red. If you have light skin, I’d probably suggest using a very light hand and a fluffy blush brush (I use Lunasol blush brush), but the beauty of this blush is that even if you’re darker, it will still show up. Just use more of the burnt orange red :-) Below is what I swatched for you, the left being the mix of all 3 shades. You can definitely lighten the colour by picking up more white.



Have you seen this compact around? Have you tried it? It retails for RM115 and is available at all Shiseido counters nationwide. For those of you in Ipoh, it is AEON voucher day on the 15th this month. For every RM100 of purchase, you get RM10 voucher. If you want to get this, I suggest you go book yours soon. I heard some counters already ran out of stock.


xoxo Lily



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Written by Lily

  • http://Mylucitedreams.com Taylor

    Hi, this palette is a beauty! It seems versatile as well, a great one for a collection. I’ve been a bit crazy with blushes only as of recently, I think because I’ve neglected them so much in the past and only now see its Importance :-)

    • http://www.chloeash.com Lily

      Blush is so easy to wear! And so easy to go overboard if not careful. LOL. This is definitely something different, so I don’t mind adding it to my stash

  • http://aucupariabrumalis.wordpress.com Claire

    What beautiful colours! I am not wowed by the vompact but the shades – yummy! I bet they look beautiful mixed together. I actually don’t have such a blush colour como in my collection, very tempted.

    • http://www.chloeash.com Lily

      The colours are definitely bold, but it’s also like getting a 3-in-1 combo. You can mix and match, from pink to red. Pretty good stuff :-) You should get it!

  • Nida

    This is very gorgeous! I guess I saw this one on Shiseido counter in Parkson but I am not sure because I was busy buying Fitflops. LOL But this blush is a beauty!

    • http://www.chloeash.com Lily

      Haha I think Fitflops are more important. Good footwear makes you comfortable, gives you better posture, and keeps backaches at bay!

  • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

    Mine finally came!!! But I haven’t had time to open it yet, LOL.

    • http://www.chloeash.com Lily

      Yay! Can’t wait to read what you think about it Larie

  • BooBooNinja

    I saw this, but I don’t think I can make the colours work for me. I tend to flush easily so a blush like this will make me look like I have tomato-cheeks! tee hee. :) However, it makes me happy when I see other people finding things they love. Have fun with it!

    • http://www.chloeash.com Lily

      I flush and turn beetroot myself! However, a good base controls my redness quite well. With this blush, I make sure I keep it minimal, and just on the apple of my cheeks. It works :-)

  • Jennifer

    Such a beautiful compact! Colours looked nice though the deep red one may come out too red…Have to drop by the counter to see it :)

    • http://www.chloeash.com Lily

      It was definitely intimidating the first time I swatched it, but when applying it with a brush (and taking most of the product off first), the colours blend beautifully. The warmer shades work beautifully against the skin tone which is a bonus.