Beauty Items and the Blog: 2013 Loves

Now that we’re in 2014, and I have shared the general direction I’ll be taking in my personal and blogging life, I can look back. 2013 was quite fun. There were some good beauty finds, and the start of stash shopping has helped me rediscover old goodies… not to mention a break from boring reviews. I mean, what happens after a review of a shiny new product, right? Honestly, I try to use them, but most of the time, I stick to a few products. Stash shopping made me use more of the good old stuff and here are some looks I created.


stash shopping collage


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Happy New Year 2014: General Plans and Directions

It’s gone. It’s here!! Today is the first day of a new year and I want to wish everyone Happy New Year 2014!!!!!!! This year will bring many new challenges and changes for me, but I will face it head on with optimism. Here, I hope everyone learned something last year, and I hope this new year will bring more wisdom and happiness. As usual, I’d like to share what’s been done, what’s to be done and what to expect.


Happy 2014


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50 Random Things About Me

We’ve all established that I am a narcissist, and I need a break from makeup and skincare. So now, I’m just going to assume that you’re interested to know 50 random things about me, something that I saw on good ol’ YouTube. It might be easier to watch people talking really fast, so if you can speed read, good for you! If not, erm, you can prepare some snacks and drinks, and maybe a bottle of wine :-P


random selca


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