Sunday Stash Shopping #29

I’m in my third trimester now. Dun dun dun!!!!!!! And guess what? This is when I’ll balloon like crazy. You’ll see that my face is already puffing up in the photo below. I’m debating whether or not to continue to post FOTDs. LOL! In the previous stash shopping post, I showed you how to create […]


Sunday Stash Shopping #28

Isn’t it appropriate that I show you how products in Project Make A Dent #2 look on me? I’ve been wearing these products regularly lately, and it’s really a look that goes with anything. Before applying the powder foundation, I used my RMS ‘un’ cover-up under my eyes to hide some dark circles and around […]


Femme Boulevard: Vamp

It’s still end of July, and in some places, it’s still summer, and in others, it’s winter. We decided to do something different, and by that, we’re feeling vampy. The first thing I thought of was to pull out my darker lipsticks. How exciting Then, I was debating whether to keep my eyes minimal, or […]