Embrace the Fantasy Of Christmas With Dior Grand Bal Collection

In a swirl of shadows and light, the Dior heroine leads the ball dance. She wears her glamour like a second skin. For the Christmas 2012 makeup collection, Tyen reinterprets the spirit of Dior grand balls with a contemporary elegance and a cheeky twist. They were a constant theme beating at the heart of monsieur Dior’s fashion and life. From the extravagant parties in Granville, his childhood home, which gave him a glimpse of his destiny in couture, to the Follies of the Parisian balls in the roaring 20s, the couturier was profoundly fascinated by transformation. From the catwalk to the red carpet, his ball gowns have become every woman’s desire. An 18th-century look, revived and modernised. Fleeting and flamboyant, the grand bal embraces the Fantasy of Christmas.

I wanted to paste the paragraph above because I thought it was romantic and explains how we get this collection very well. Anyway, shall we do some unboxing here at Chloe.Ash? I received some items from the Dior Grand Bal Collection and I thought I’d share a general overview before the product’s review proper. I have read reviews online before seeing these in person. I was a little skeptical with all the golden packaging but thought, well, it’s Dior, so it probably wouldn’t look el-cheapo, eh? And then, I remembered Chanel’s recent ad with Brad Pitt…well, anything CAN happen.

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Fluttering Lashes with Koji Dolly Wink

If you read my Sunday post, you’d see a dramatic FOTD that I sported, complete with fake lashes. I do not wear lashes regularly. In fact, the last time I wore one was for another FOTD, just for this blog. I took it off right after I was done taking photos. That is why I do not know much about falsies. I was at Sasa the other day to hunt for a pair for my glitzy evening, and I settled with something called Dolly Wink.

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