Lazy Day Face Routine with Candy Doll

If you’ve been to Sasa, you would have seen Candy Doll products. I’m not too keen on their lip products which I find are too light and pasty for me, but I have been enjoying their concealer and mineral face powder. The concealer doesn’t dry out my skin, and the powder provides a light coverage on the face. The great thing is, the concealer, when set with powder, doesn’t sit in fine lines, and it doesn’t melt either. The concealer I’m using is shade number 2 which is a light peachy beige, great for my under eyes!

Here, don’t let my first picture scare you. I literally just woke up because if you looked closely, you’d see my bed hair tied up. HAHAHA!


candy doll 1

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Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Combination Oily Skin And Colorstay Concealer Perform Very Differently

I was sent the Colorstay Makeup and concealer, and their new Photoready BB cream about a month ago. I saw them, and they are on the opposite side of the colour spectrum. They sent me the lightest shade available for the foundation which is 180 Sand Beige and the concealer is Medium, which looks orange on me, and the darkest shade of the BB cream available here which is Medium. The foundation is still a tad dark after it oxidizes so can you imagine what the concealer does? The worst is the BB cream. Do you know what an Oompa Loompa looks like? Now, imagine a BURNT Oompa Loompa. HAHAHAHAH!


Revlon Colorstay 1

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Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage: An Oldie but a Goldie

I’ve been under the weather. I clumsily hurt my back, and have been in bed for nearly a week. Now that I feel better, I’m down with a cold. I hope it’s just allergy, because I hate runny nose, sneezing and coughing. Anyway, now that I’ve got my whiny self sorted, let’s talk about this concealer, the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. This has been in my stash for a while, but I realised I haven’t really talked about it before.


Laura Mercier SC3a

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Sunday Sharing: 2013 Loves So Far

I have requests for favourites posts. Makeup wise, I can be stuck in a rut sometimes. I do have the basics down, but I might skip on colours when I’m in a hurry. I don’t change my skincare often, and I have a habit of using up a certain product before trying new ones. I have a penchant for accessories like rings, necklaces and earrings, so perhaps I’ll show you something….

I have been using RMS ‘un’ cover up and Lunasol Pressed Face Colour a lot. On days I don’t feel like wearing any makeup, I’d just pat on ‘un’ cover up on problem areas like dark circles and some blemishes, powder my face and go. These 2 products have been my lazy days go to (which is a lot these days!), or even on really hot days when I don’t like putting on foundation.


face products

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Sunday Sharing: A Peek Into My Makeup Pouch

Do you keep a separate makeup pouch / bag? Where do you keep it? I have a Shu Uemura makeup bag which fits quite a few things in it. I keep this bag in my office. Sometimes when I’m pressed for time, I’d arrive at my office bare faced, and quickly put on some colour. All it takes is 5 minutes. This bag of makeup stayed unchanged for the past 3 weeks and here they are.

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