Review: Bobbi Brown CC Cream SPF 35+++

It’s the alphabet cream again. You guys should know by now that Bobbi Brown BB Cream is my favourite. I’ve been featuring it in most of my FOTD posts because well, I really like it! So when I got the chance to test the CC Cream, I was not as skeptical as I’d be. CC Creams are colour correcting creams and Bobbi Brown promises instantly healthy looking even toned skin with the use of this CC Cream as a base. I was sent Pale Nude (there is also Warm Nude for darker complexions) and this is my review.


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Before The Evolution Of Alphabet Creams: Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream

That’s right. Before all these CC, DD and EE creams, we only had BB creams. Before it was so widely marketed in the Western countries, we had mostly Korean BB Creams. My first ever experience with BB Creams was with Skin79 Hot Pink. It was before I started this blog, and way before I had too many foundations.


Skin79 Hot Pink

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Don’t Do It! Oh, But They Did. Dermedex DD Cream, the Designer’s Dream

Yes, you read it right. Dermedex came out with a DD cream, and it says Designer’s Dream The New BB Cream (with SPF45 PA+++). I’m sorry, but the name just cracked me up. But, like I said before in this BB cream post, what’s in a name? If the product is good, I can overlook the corniness that makes me snort.


DD cream 1

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Dior Diorsnow UV Shield BB Cream

You and IĀ are no strangers to BB creams, CC creams and yes, even DD creams. The alphabet cream phenom started in Asia and when it finally picked up on the other side of the world, the whole thing just exploded. Truthfully, I’m getting a little sick of them, and I literally grunt when I hear the launch of DD, EE or FF creams, but hey, what’s in a name? Some will steer clear of these bases just because of the alphabets used, and frankly, I’m put off but curious. It’s like, I know it’s darn corny, but I want to try it anyway. LOL! For me, you can call it whatever you like, but it’s the quality of the product that counts. Agreed? It might be called a Slime and Slithers cream, but the product can knock my socks off and I’d be Shocked and Stupefied. Anyway, ramblings over.

I have with me Dior Diorsnow UV Shield BB Cream White Reveal UV Protection SPF50 PA+++ (RM185) in shade 020. While it is not a new product, I still like to tell you how it works on my skin.


Dior BB 1

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Dior Diorsnow White Reveal Fresh Transparency Liquid Foundation

I’ve been talking so much about this prior to this review proper, I’m sure you’re either intrigued or sick of it already. Yes, it’s the Dior Diorsnow White Reveal Fresh Transparency Liquid Foundation (RM170). From the previous Diorsnow liquid foundations I’ve tested, they were thicker and heavier than their Dior Nude or Diorskin Forever counterparts. However, this one is different.


diorsnow foundation 1

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