Review: Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Candlelight

I’ve read a lot about┬áKevyn Aucoin’s sculpting powder and highlighter as a powerful duo, 2 products that give you instant believable cheekbones in a few minutes. I thought I’d pick one to try, and since I only have 2 powder highlighters in my collection, I don’t mind adding another one. I have enough eye shadows, blushes and lipstick to last me for at least a decade, but highlighters… I don’t use them much at all, and never had that penchant for them. The Candlelight I have is in the new packaging. I read that for the same price, we’re actually getting less product and also without a brush. For me, the shocker came in the size.


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Latest Guerlain Lemmings: Blanc de Pearl

Lemmings are harmless. Unless it turns into an ugly obsession. I have a few press images for you, so that perhaps, you’d share my drool and I’d feel less lonely. Blanc de Pearl skincare and makeup should be out this month, so when you’re reading this, it might be available already. However, I’m pretty sure it is Asia exclusive, so if you’re drooling on the other side of earth, I feel you buddy. Here are some visuals, and a few products I’m particularly interested in.

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Shiseido Camellia Compact

I don’t know what it is about blushes and me. I used to go crazy at one point, then I decided to give it a rest for a while, but now I’m back. This one, I really can’t resist. It is a limited edition item from Shiseido to commemorate their 140th anniversary. All I can say is WOW. Saying that a century and a half is a long time is the lamest understatement of all. LOL!

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