Review: Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Raspberry Shimmer, Malt Shimmer and Pink Bronze Shimmer

“Bobbi Brown’s iconic Lip Color is now available in new shades that combine high shine emollients and light reflective pearls for something completely fresh. Don’t think metallic or frost – the effect is sheer and multi dimensional. The lightweight yet moisturizing formula glides effortlessly and evenly onto lips, leaving a thin veil of light reflecting color that lasts for hours without feathering or drying.”


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Review: Antipodes Do Lipsticks and Powders

I have tried a few Antipodes skincare, from their multi tasking miracle balm to mask to serums. I like most of the stuff and the miracle balm is my family’s go to rescue – for almost everything. I kid you not! When I was sent its makeup a few months ago, I was a little curious. I love my makeup, and funny enough, I never thought of Antipodes as a makeup brand. Why not you ask? Well, my friend, my mind works in all kinds of weird ways :-P


antipodes 2

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Dior Addict Lip Glow Review: Color Reviver Balm 004 Coral

For most people, this is an overpriced tinted lip balm. Let me tell you right off the bat that you don’t need this, but I do like it. I used up the whole tube of the original one, and now, using this, I remember why I liked it so much. For one, it’s from my beloved brand Dior. Most of Dior’s products work really well on me, so naturally, I am biased. I thought I wrote about the original one, but apparently I didn’t. Guess I HAVE to write about it now :-P


lip glow coral 1

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