I Want, But Can’t, So I Shan’t

We all have a wishlist. God knows mine is a few pages long. I have bought some skincare and makeup recently, and after surveying my current stash, I can’t justify buying more. Here are a few things I really want, but darn it, I know I can’t have them. So, I created a board, just so I can drool all over my keyboard.




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Dior Summer Brush: Brief Review and Comparison

I don’t have many face brushes, and I am picky. Not quite or rather or a little, but picky. I wouldn’t say I’m anal picky, but picky enough. Now that we’ve settled that, let’s get into it :-) The Dior Summer Brush is part of the Birds of Paradise Collection which was launched just recently in Malaysia. It is a face brush with red synthetic bristles, metal ferule and matte black handle.


summer brush 1

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Pictures Speak More Than Words. Dior Summer…

I don’t do this much, but I thought I’d put a very simple collage for you, all from Dior Summer Bird Of Paradise offering. I thought I needed a lot of practice, so I’ll start here. I don’t want to talk too much about them yet, but I am VERY excited to see the blush/bronzer duo which is the star product and that Jelly Lip Pen. I wonder if it’s sheer or pigmented, and if the star product is as good as is looks.


Dior Summer offerings


Did anything catch your fancy? I can’t wait to try them out!


xoxo Lily


Sunday Sharing: 2013 Loves So Far

I have requests for favourites posts. Makeup wise, I can be stuck in a rut sometimes. I do have the basics down, but I might skip on colours when I’m in a hurry. I don’t change my skincare often, and I have a habit of using up a certain product before trying new ones. I have a penchant for accessories like rings, necklaces and earrings, so perhaps I’ll show you something….

I have been using RMS ‘un’ cover up and Lunasol Pressed Face Colour a lot. On days I don’t feel like wearing any makeup, I’d just pat on ‘un’ cover up on problem areas like dark circles and some blemishes, powder my face and go. These 2 products have been my lazy days go to (which is a lot these days!), or even on really hot days when I don’t like putting on foundation.


face products

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January Empties

Empties time! I’m thinking of replacing this with a monthly favourites post, a hit or miss, or what’s in my bag, based on all the suggestions I received earlier. Furthermore, while I’ve been thriving at using up stuff, I doubt I can continue every single month. We’ll see. This month, I used up a little bit of everything. They are…

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