Review: Clinique Cheek Pop Peach Pop and Ginger Pop

Note: Title edited from Coral Pop to Peach Pop. I think I have coral embedded in my mind somehow, and I’m just vomiting corals everywhere. Sorry for the spew. Amended now :-P

Well, this is more like a swatch update, because my review is consistent – the quality and texture are the same as Plum Pop, reviewed here. I was sent Plum Pop, then I went to get these 2. They aren’t too similar, but not too different either.


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Tagged: 30 Random Facts About Me – Again

Hi guys! I’ve been gone for a week, but it didn’t feel that long, at all. I wanted to take another week, but some of you might forget about me, so I thought I’d drop by and say hello. Also, because I’ve been gone and haven’t talked about beauty, let’s just talk about me again. We ALL know I’m full of myself right? We’ve already established that here. Also, I’m tagged by Jenny, and I’m not one to wuss out :-P


60D selfie

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Sunday Announcement

Well, it’s supposed to be Sunday Stash Shopping, but my internet was down for a few days, and I just got it back not long ago, so nothing is prepared. I usually live on scheduled posts, and the last scheduled post was posted 2 days ago. The few days offline also made me realize I need a break. It’s been hectic, and I just want a few more days off, so that I can deliver better quality posts to you guys, instead of half assed effort. I will be back soon enough – you won’t even notice I’m gone :-)



Review: Clinique All About Shadow Galaxy and Eye Primer

Clinique has done it again. I’m super impressed with the eye primer. Yes, I’m telling you now, if you have oily lids, this one really helps your eye shadow stay. Look, I’m not that kind of person who beats around the bush, and say, “Why don’t you read all my ramblings and before you fall asleep, I’ll then tell you if it’s good or not”. I think I’m known for my straight talking so let’s just keep at that and not be coy, eh? Who’s with me?


Clinique All About Shadow Primer for Eyes


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Not So Hairy Stuff

I think most of you already know that I changed my hairstyle. I used to sport my hair au naturel, without any colours or perms or what have you. I still have not coloured my hair, but I did get a perm, a digital perm. Digital perm has been around for at least a decade, and since it’s not the first time I do this, I felt comfortable. Now, they have new stuff called Korean set perm, you know, riding on the Hallyu wave and all that. Anyhoo… If you followed me on Instagram, you would’ve seen me sitting in the salon with a really hot cooker on my head. If I used it to cover my face, I’d look like R2D2 :-P




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