My fitness journey chloeash

Fitness Check In #3

Know when to rest. Listen to your body. That’s what I’ve learned from the past couple of months. I’ve been training pretty hard for a while, 6 days a week, crazy intense cardio (HIIT and Tabata), crazy heavy lifting, and the improvement to my strength and stamina kept me going. I was hooked! Then, maybe… Read more »

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion Swatches

Do you remember my post on the new Estee Lauder liquid lip potion in Cold Fire? It’s here if you haven’t read it. There are 12 shades available in Malaysia, and I managed to get the swatches. However, Naughty Naive is missing from the swatch, so here are 11 swatches in total.      … Read more »


Sunday Stash Shopping #52: Benefit Bossy

I was de-cluttering and found an old eye shadow I bought because of Lisa Eldridge. She seems to have the ability to make me buy all sorts of things I don’t need. Anyone here with the same problem? I’m much better now though. This is one of the products she said she loved on eye… Read more »

Koyudo Fu Pa

Review: Koyudo Fupa 01, 02, 14

Aren’t these little kabukis cute? I saw plenty of these on Instagram (evil!) and got really curious. I was directed to CD Japan if I was interested, and that was where it started and ended. I have here 3 fupas. 01 (5520 yen) is a blush brush, 02 (4320 yen) a foundation brush (both goat… Read more »


Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.11: ​How do you ensure your makeup stay flawless all day?

      How do you ensure your makeup stay flawless all day?       SUNNY | Belgium | Mostly Sunny Blog 1. Prime: Especially if you have oilier skin or when the weather is warm, prime your eyes and your skin first. 2. Long-wearing formulas: Some products go the distance. Look for formulas that “set” or… Read more »


Do Certain Lip Colors Make You Look More Youthful or More Mature?

My mom always says that red lips age a person. She prefers sheer nudes but I always think brighter colors make a person look more lively, more cheerful. Bright lips instantly perk up a woman’s complexion and I always tell my mom she looks so much better with them on. She, on the other hand, thinks it’s… Read more »


Sunday Stash Shopping #51: Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion in Cold Fire

Estee Lauder will launch a new line of lip lacquers next month, called the Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion (RM98) and I thought I’d let you know about it here, together with my stash shopping post. I’ll be putting up an FOTD using it anyway, so why not. A plain review is boring anyway,… Read more »

biosource cleansers

Review: Biotherm Biosource Cleansing Balm and Exfoliating Gelee

I’m having a hard time churning out reviews, because I’ve been feeling uninspired. I feel bored when I have to review average or mediocre things, and while I do not guarantee reviews for products sent, I still feel responsible and obliged to do one. This review, however, is not an obligation, because I really want… Read more »


Monthend Randomness: Let’s Talk About Love

I had a rant on blogging and my addiction to beauty stuff a while back <you can read it here if you’re curious> and I brought up the possibility of not blogging anymore. Friends were encouraging me to continue blogging, but maybe talk about something other than beauty related. I thought that was a really… Read more »

Pencils to throw and used up skin care

Empties: Devoured and Dumped

There is no way to make empties post interesting. However, I still want to document what I used up. I have used up skincare as usual, and threw out old makeup. I threw out mostly old pencils, both eye pencils and lip pencils. Dude, I had eye infections so regularly, I totally freaked out. Gone… Read more »

  • Giorgio Armani Eye Tints

    Review: Giorgio Armani Eye Tints Rose Ashes and Senso

    Giorgio Armani Eye Tints. I read about them everywhere a while back and I had my eye on Senso immediately. I also wanted a lighter shade, and Rose Ashes looked interesting with flashes of pink, purple and fuchsia pearls so I got that too. I bought them sight unseen, since I could only get them… Read more »

  • evening look

    Sunday Stash Shopping #49 : Tom Ford Naked Bronze

    I debated with myself for a long time whether or not I wanted to get the Tom Ford Naked Bronze (LE). It’s not available where I live, so I had to get someone to help me get it, and it’s expensive. I only have one item from Tom Ford, that is the Cocoa Mirage palette,… Read more »

  • Dior My Lady blushes

    Not A Review: Dior My Lady Blushes

    I’m sorry but these are limited editions and I don’t know if you can get them anymore. I just wanted to photograph them, because they’re so gorgeous to look at. I have 002, 003, 006 and 007. I have this absolutely insane urge to collect all of them, but as you can see, I’ve already… Read more »

  • 5 base products on rotation

    On Rotation: My 5 Base Products

    This is my second instalment of On Rotation series. Basically, I will showcase products I’ve been using regularly and give you brief thoughts on them. It’s something like Favourites, except I might not like them even though I’ve been using them regularly. Yup, sounds about right. I’ve been talking about base products quite regularly lately,… Read more »

  • look

    Sunday Stash Shopping #48 : Dior Eye Reviver Palette

    OK, here’s the post after promising you guys in the review a couple of days ago. I’ll be posting a very simple day time look using the Dior Eye Reviver Palette and just to recap, here’s what the palette looks like, together with the swatches.         While the palette looks really pretty,… Read more »

  • Dior Eye Reviver Palette

    Review: Dior Eye Reviver Backstage Pros Illuminating Neutrals Eye Palette

    Dior Eye Reviver Backstage Pros Illuminating Neutrals Eye Palette is one of Dior’s latest offerings here. It was only launched nationwide this month and I think it was initially available at limited boutiques. It is an eye candy for sure, and who needs another neutral palette? I surely don’t, but my brain knows no logic… Read more »

  • zappers

    My Experience with ND-YAG Laser Treatments

    Yes, I did it. I mainly have a huge dissatisfaction with my freckles (while I know many of you think they’re cute). I don’t have much problems with my skin since I hit 35 but it’s those pesky freckles which got darker after each pregnancy. No skincare I’ve tried could lighten them, let alone get… Read more »

  • La Mer Skin Tint

    Review: La Mer Reparative SkinTint SPF30

    I haven’t tried any coloured products from La Mer before. I know they had something called Fluid Tint a few years back which was discontinued. I was eager to try, and something called skin tint is very appropriate. I’d be disappointed if La Mer went down the alphabet line, you know. So, I was happy… Read more »

  • bisc-ft-vol8-2

    Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Volume 8: Current Skincare Routine

    Today, we’re talking about something close to my heart. Skincare. My mother started me on skincare since I was 16. Something very basic like cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I didn’t realize the importance of it, until I started working. I’m never without my sunscreen and I apply eye cream every morning and night without fail…. Read more »