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On Rotation: Cheeks

There have been many days when I would sit there thinking what I would apply on my face. So, I’ve been pulling out some stuff and put them in my makeup bag so I’d just use them without thinking. Then every once in a while, I’d rotate them out for something else. For the past… Read more »


Review: Clinique Sonic System for Cleansing and Sculpting

Sometimes I wonder when cleansing became a little more complicated. It used to involve just the cleanser and our hands. I remember my mom used to have a face cloth and sometimes she also used disposable sponges. Even until now, it has become a habit that she uses a cloth to clean her face. We… Read more »


Review: The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50 PA+++ and IOPE Air Cushion

Today, I’d like to talk about cushion foundations. Cushion foundations are basically liquid foundation in a compact, made easy for portability and also touch ups. This all started in Korea ( as far as I know ), and they now have cushion blusher, and even cushion eye colors. Here, I have 2 Korean brands for… Read more »

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Empties for Q3 2015 & Decluttering

Posting empties is like a self justification that I use the excessive things I have. For me, it feels good to be able to use them but that’s mainly skincare. Makeup wise, I give those press samples to friends and family quite regularly so that my stash is manageable. However, my level of manageable is… Read more »

shu uemura sheer shine

Picture Review: Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine

This is a picture review. Not so much a review, but more of swatches for you guys. I don’t think there will be another picture review any time soon… It did take more time than just blasting on the keyboard, writing a proper review. LOL! The Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine is available at… Read more »

Hylamide SubQ Anti Age Advanced Serum

Review: Deciem Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum

Before I start on the product, let me first tell you that you can purchase this product online, FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Why do I tell you that first? I know that I get disappointed when I read about good skincare, and then knowing that it’s difficult to purchase, or that I have to pay a… Read more »

New Dior Addicts

Review and Swatches: The New Dior Addict Lipsticks

I’ve been sitting on this for a while, because I really wanted to test them out, and there are 10… so it did take some time. Given, I could have just you know, swatched them and let you know what I thought of them immediately, but that just seems half arsed to me. There are… Read more »


Sunday Stash Shopping #55: Esqido Little Black Lash and Tom Ford

Oh hi there! Didn’t think I’d do another stash shopping so soon but seems like I had a productive day yesterday. Took lots of photos, so hopefully I’ll be able to write more. Today, I wanted to show you the other Esqido false lash I received. The last one was a more dramatic one (while… Read more »


On Rotation: Sunscreens Again

Wow, this series is a total fail because I just don’t update at all. I guess I have to schedule a few of these at one go, so that I have content every week. I already planned what to write – it’s just a matter of writing it. Heh. Anyway, today, I want to talk… Read more »


Sunday Stash Shopping #54 with Bobbi Brown

I am on the roll with scheduling posts! This is my fourth one (I scheduled this on Wednesday night) and I think I’ll do another 2 before going to bed. I took these photos 2 weeks ago but never got the chance to post it. Story of my life. Anyway, I had a few items… Read more »

  • Clinique trio

    Some Clinique Skincare I’ve Been Enjoying, and One Not So Much

    I’ve been meaning to put up a few posts but I could never get the chance to take photos and edit them. That’s the part that consumes the most time for me. So one day, I just took an hour off babysitting, and took some much needed photos when the sun was cooperating. Now, I… Read more »

  • Esqido Unforgettable

    Review: Esqido False Lashes in Unforgettable

    I’m wearing mink coat on my lashes, yo! Hahaha! Backstory – I hardly wear false lashes. I love the idea of them, especially on my fine and sparse lashes, and I have a few of them in my drawer for special occasions but those occasions are far and few between. Also, my inexperience in false… Read more »

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    37 Rounds

    Happy birthday to me! I am 37 years old today. Wow. If I live until 74, I’m smack at the midpoint of my life at the moment. Thinking back, it’s also funny how priorities changed. My 20-year-old self had NO idea. LOL! If you noticed, my blog posts have been sporadic and I have a… Read more »

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    Sunday Stash Shopping #53: Urban Decay Naked 2

    Oops, today’s stash shopping is up a little late, but better than never eh? This is going to be short and sweet, so let’s get to it! I have been neglecting many of my eye palettes for a while, and one of them is the Naked 2. I bought it because I loved taupes and… Read more »

  • My fitness journey chloeash

    Fitness Check In #3

    Know when to rest. Listen to your body. That’s what I’ve learned from the past couple of months. I’ve been training pretty hard for a while, 6 days a week, crazy intense cardio (HIIT and Tabata), crazy heavy lifting, and the improvement to my strength and stamina kept me going. I was hooked! Then, maybe… Read more »

  • Estee Lauder

    Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion Swatches

    Do you remember my post on the new Estee Lauder liquid lip potion in Cold Fire? It’s here if you haven’t read it. There are 12 shades available in Malaysia, and I managed to get the swatches. However, Naughty Naive is missing from the swatch, so here are 11 swatches in total.      … Read more »

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    Sunday Stash Shopping #52: Benefit Bossy

    I was de-cluttering and found an old eye shadow I bought because of Lisa Eldridge. She seems to have the ability to make me buy all sorts of things I don’t need. Anyone here with the same problem? I’m much better now though. This is one of the products she said she loved on eye… Read more »

  • Koyudo Fu Pa

    Review: Koyudo Fupa 01, 02, 14

    Aren’t these little kabukis cute? I saw plenty of these on Instagram (evil!) and got really curious. I was directed to CD Japan if I was interested, and that was where it started and ended. I have here 3 fupas. 01 (5520 yen) is a blush brush, 02 (4320 yen) a foundation brush (both goat… Read more »

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    Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.11: ​How do you ensure your makeup stay flawless all day?

          How do you ensure your makeup stay flawless all day?       SUNNY | Belgium | Mostly Sunny Blog 1. Prime: Especially if you have oilier skin or when the weather is warm, prime your eyes and your skin first. 2. Long-wearing formulas: Some products go the distance. Look for formulas that “set” or… Read more »