Review: Clinique All About Shadow Black Honey

You know that feeling after you read something really awesome from a blog, and you just want it so bad? Especially when everything about that product is something you’d love? Well, this happened, and I blame Tiffany after reading her post. I’m a sucker for warm reddish brown and this one is just right. I found out that this shade is not available in my country, and I was so bummed! Then, I saw this online and grabbed it immediately. I just checked again, and this shade is gone – thank goodness I acted fast!


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Review: Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Raspberry Shimmer, Malt Shimmer and Pink Bronze Shimmer

“Bobbi Brown’s iconic Lip Color is now available in new shades that combine high shine emollients and light reflective pearls for something completely fresh. Don’t think metallic or frost – the effect is sheer and multi dimensional. The lightweight yet moisturizing formula glides effortlessly and evenly onto lips, leaving a thin veil of light reflecting color that lasts for hours without feathering or drying.”


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Review: Yadah Oh My Sunblock SPF35 PA++

Who hasn’t heard this before? “Please remember to apply your sunscreen every day, even when it’s cloudy outside.”

When I was in my teens, my mom would nag me, every single day. I was mostly frustrated because I didn’t understand why. I’d go “UGH!! yadah yadah yadah, enough already!” When I was studying in Australia, I didn’t apply sunscreen at all. When it was cold, I’d stand in the sun when I’d usually avoid them like a plague. When I came home, my mom noticed I have developed freckles. Truthfully, I thought it was cute. There were only a few. Little did I know, the freckles got worse. Only then, did I know my mom meant well, but it was too late. The freckles stuck with me until now. So whenever someone asked me if I was interested to write about sunscreens, I’d say yes. Ironically, Yadah shoved its sunscreen in my face. LOL!


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Femme Boulevard: Monochrome

This month, we are doing something monochromatic. We choose a colour, then use different shades of the colour to create a look. There are pinks, corals, oranges, browns, berries, beiges… I hope we’ll all be doing different colours so you can see different versions. I wanted to do something more editorial with berries and deep reds. Well, I really wanted to… but I chose something easier instead. That’s because the post is due in a few hours and I’m pressed for time. Last minute work! LOL! It is something very wearable, something sweet, something I don’t wear very much at all. Pinks.




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