Review: Dior Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation, Powder and Loose Powder

** Warning, lengthy post ** Dior released its Diorskin Star late last year, and in less than a year, there’s another new foundation. I’m very sure you’ve already heard of it by now – nearly every blog I read has mentioned or reviewed this. It’s the Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation (RM191 / 30ml). Accompanying its… Read more »

size comparison

On Rotation: Face Brushes

I decided to add a new ‘series’ on the blog. Let’s just call it On Rotation, since I’ll be talking about products I’ve been using regularly. Something like current favourites which I always fail to do! While I feature a fair bit of product reviews here, I like to stick to a handful of products for some… Read more »


Sunday Stash Shopping #47 with Shiseido

I’ve been wanting to show you guys how the Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil in RD100 look on my skin. You saw how beautiful it is when I posted it on Instagram and isn’t it about time I did a look using it? Since I did a Bobbi Brown centric look recently, I thought I’d… Read more »


Review: Biotherm Aquasource and Blue Therapy Serum-in-Oil

Do you remember how I raved about the Biotherm Life Plankton Essence? It immediately put Biotherm on my radar! Today, I have 2 more products to show you, and again, I”m impressed! Aquasource (RM149) is a very light gel moisturizer and it’s a must if your skin needs an instant H2O boost. The Blue Therapy… Read more »

Cherry and Melon Pop

Review: Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer in Melon Pop and Cherry Pop

I’ve been seeing these Clinique Pop Lip Colors everywhere. It’s not surprising, since these are really affordable, and the shades available are really pretty. They are pigmented lipstick and lip primer in one. The smoothing primer is infused with the lipstick so that lips look juicier, smoother. The Pop Lip Colors give a modern velvety… Read more »


Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.7: How has your makeup style changed over the years?

I love today’s topic. It’s about how our makeup style has changed throughout the years. It’s interesting, looking back, considering I only started wearing makeup when I was pregnant with my first child. That was about 8-9 years back. CRAZY! However, I didn’t really start experimenting since a year before I started the blog, which… Read more »

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpt Envious FOTD

A Casual Look with Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy in Envious and Little Black Primer

I like my wardrobe to be monochromatic. Recently, I like my makeup to be bright on the lips and minimal elsewhere. I prefer clean looks, so it’s usually flawless skin (try to anyway!), defined lashes without falsies and bold lip. A simple but classic look. Thing is, I have annoying lashes. Very uncooperative and they like to… Read more »

Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Foundation

Review: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40

“This will change your skin inside and out” – Bobbi Brown When it’s said that the hybrid foundation Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40 is the fusion of skincare and makeup that beautifies the skin from within, I believe it. I have first hand experience of the benefits of Cordyceps Mushroom. It is a traditional… Read more »

face mist

Review: Bobbi Brown Face Mist vs Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water

I never really understood face mists until recently. I tried the Caudalie Beauty Elixir a while back and wasn’t really impressed. I liked the cool minty feeling on the skin while some hated it and I didn’t mind the scent while some were completely put off by it. I read good things about the Melvita… Read more »


Updates and Random Thoughts

It’s been a while since I dumped my random thoughts on the blog. My daily life is quite a routine, where I’d take care of the little baby, and chauffeur the girls to and from school / classes. Then, at least 5 days a week, I’d try to get my workout in, whenever I have… Read more »

  • Miss Dior Coffret

    Romancing Myself Miss Dior Style

    There’s a nagging question that goes unanswered for a long time. When was the last time I pampered myself? When was the last time I got a massage, a pedicure or even a long hot bath? It’s been a long long time. I just don’t have the time! I wake up early in the morning… Read more »

  • Mini Blog Sale now live

    I’ve been wanting to let go of some stuff. A mini blog sale is now live. I might be adding more stuff later too. <click here>

  • 4th birthday

    A Little Something Something

    So it’s ChloeAsh’s 4th birthday come April. Instead of waiting until then to start the giveaway, I’m going to run it now, and end it BEFORE April so I can announce the winner on the blog’s birthday month! And if you realised, this post’s title isn’t flashing the word Giveaway, so hopefully, I’m attracting genuine… Read more »

  • look1

    Sunday Stash Shopping #42: Berry Noir

    You guys should know by now I have this obsession with dark reds and berries. It started with Bobbi Brown Crushed Plum, and then NARS Audrey. Crushed Plum is a little more purple than Audrey and when worn, Crushed Plum is darker when Audrey is redder. Bobbi Brown added a few new colours to its Creamy… Read more »

  • Chanel Misty

    Review: Chanel Duo Eyeshadow Misty

    I’ve had this duo for a few years now. It’s one of my very first Chanel eye shadows. If you’re wondering why I’m only talking about it now, well, I wonder about that too. I picked this up because for eye shadows, I love purple and I love taupe. This happens to be a taupe-ish… Read more »

  • look1

    Sunday Stash Shopping #41: Bobbi, Angelique, Audrey

    It’s one of those rare days that I didn’t know what makeup to put on. We usually stay home for Valentine’s but this year, Mr ChloeAsh decided to do something special for me. He even arranged for someone to babysit all 3 kids, so I was really touched. We went out for a movie, watched… Read more »

  • Alexa Chung Red Carpet Set

    Review: Eyeko Alexa Chung Red Carpet Set

    I remember Eyeko from a few years ago. I read that its liquid liner was easy to use for a beginner, and I bought it immediately. I was easily convinced and super happy that it worked out well. Then, I forgot about it, until Lisa Eldridge featured Alexa Chung in her video, using these few… Read more »

  • forgotten lunasol palettes

    The Forgotten: My Lunasol Palettes

    I am guilty. Guilty of having so much makeup, I forget about some goodies. As I was cleaning up some stuff, I suddenly thought of something I used to love. My Lunasol palettes. I have a customized blush palette that cost me a bomb, and a few other eye palettes that I was obsessed with…. Read more »

  • Biore cleansers

    Review: Budget Friendly Biore Makeup Removers

    Makeup removers are something I go through really quickly. I apply makeup rather often (used to be daily when I worked full time) and even when I don’t apply makeup, I’ve been using tinted sunscreen and I prefer to remove it with something other than my facial cleanser. That’s just me. I like my cleansing… Read more »