FOTD: Dior Tutu. Loads of Pink.

I feel like I had to channel my non existent inner Barbie when wearing this palette. Tutu is  a very pink palette, and you can refer to the swatches in my previous review here. If you’ve been a long time reader, you’d know I’m not a fan of sweet girlie stuff like pinks. I’ve always prefer darker shadows. I’m a smokey eye kinda person.

As I was applying these shadows, I got flashbacks of all those Barbie cartoons both my daughters watch. I still stand firm in thinking that if you have flatter eyes like me, you’d need to use darker shadows and dark liner for more definition. However for this post, I’m using the colours only from this palette, and with black liner. Don’t my eyes look smaller for some reason? I thought they look a bit puffy too :-)



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Femme Boulevard: Vamp

It’s still end of July, and in some places, it’s still summer, and in others, it’s winter. We decided to do something different, and by that, we’re feeling vampy. The first thing I thought of was to pull out my darker lipsticks. How exciting :-) Then, I was debating whether to keep my eyes minimal, or to go all out dark. I haven’t been playing much with eye shadows for a few months now, and I took this opportunity to actually use some of my eye shadows! Dark eyes it is. I was going to use black only but….. it kinda got out of hand. Heh!

For the base, I wanted something flawless, so I used my newly purchased Lancome Blanc Miracle SPF50 liquid foundation, set with my well loved Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle powder foundation. To avoid looking like a goth, I added some pink using Dior Rosy Glow blush.


face products


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Sunday Stash Shopping #24 with Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nude Eye Palette

It’s been a while since I did a SSS. I also wanted to review this Bobbi Brown palette (looooooong overdue) so I thought I’d also do a quick write up on it. Bad blogger here, because I don’t know if the palette is still available, so if it is, be sure to let me know :-) I haven’t been in the mood of much makeup, and I’ve been so lazy, I’ve just been going out after slapping on my tinted sunscreen. However, when I do want to look more polished, this palette is something I’ve been reaching for.


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Femme Boulevard: Old and New

Today, we’re doing a product based theme. The oldest and newest in our stash. For me, my oldest got to be my Kanebo T’estimo eye shadows which were long discontinued. The latest is a lip product by Bobbi Brown – their Art Stick. It worked out quite well, actually because I haven’t talked about either of them before. Also, Kate and I are the only ones doing this, and it so happens, Kate is the newest member of Femme Boulevard, and well, I’m the old one. LOL! Here’s a look at the product I used for this look.



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Femme Boulevard: Hollywood Goddess

To tell you the truth, I don’t have a particular favourite Hollywood actress. I have girl crushes sometimes, but I seldom go crazy on actresses or actors or singers. So when my fellow Femmes suggested channeling Hollywood Goddess, I was a little stuck. What or who am I going to do? I delayed this post, and postponed until the very last minute… just a few hours before the post is due. I went through all the photos of the most recent Oscars and noticed one thing. Most of them looked like themselves, just better. Many played up the eyes, paired with subtle cheeks and nude lips. However, most of them, most of the time, wore makeup that’s noticeable but not over the top. Hence, that’s what I chose to do. I played with colours close to my own natural skin tone, browns, beiges and a hint of pink.




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