Chloe.Ash Turns 3. Giveaway! [ CLOSED ]

Yup, the blog is now officially 3 years old. I’m actually at a loss for words. I don’t know what to say! Well, for one, time flies. Never have I thought I’d still be blogging. I’m fickle and flighty and I only do what I like. I guess I really like this. Thing is, if you’ve noticed, I’ve been missing in action lately. I’ve already pre-empted you guys that I might blog less frequently. Now, due to certain reasons, I have to slow down for real, at least for 2 more months. I’ve also been less active on social media, for the simple reason that I’m hardly online. As I’m typing now, I feel a wave of nausea… ugh…

I still want to keep the blog alive, of course, because when I feel human again, I know I’ll be back full force! I took so many pictures, with both my old and new cameras, and I need to use them :-) Also, I feel a sense of responsibility to publish reviews of items sent to me. No free lunch, my friends. I also feel guilty not being able to churn out exciting stuff – I’m just not up to it. Maybe, maybe, when I feel a sudden urge to write, I’ll be able to schedule a few posts at one go :-)

Good news is, in the past half a year, I have been collecting bits and pieces of things I like, in a little box for my blog anniversary giveaway! If I could, I’d send each and everyone of you something, but I’m no billionaire. I thought a big box of giveaway will be exciting! Can you see what they are?




I have for you an Ecotools bronzer brush, a Korres Liquid Lipstick, a Sleek eye shadow single, a Shu Uemura lash curler, Dior nail polish and a Guerlain Meteorites Compact. I made sure the colours are universally flattering, so don’t you worry :-) So how to enter, right? Of course, you’ll have to be subscribed – either through Bloglovin’ or email. A proof will be needed if you’re selected the winner. This giveaway is open internationally – and I’m just thinking how much it’ll cost me to send this overseas! Comment below why you come back for more. I want to know why you like reading my blog – because I’m genuinely curious, and it’s sooooooo fun milking it :-P

That’s it. A winner will be selected randomly, contacted through email and must reply within 48 hours. Otherwise, another winner will be selected. Giveaway starts now, and ends in exactly 7 days. That will be Malaysian time, April 10, 2014, when the clock strikes midnight. Good luck and thank you for staying with me :-)


xoxo Lily




Anniversary Giveaway [closed]

You didn’t think I’d let my blog’s second birthday slide without some sort of celebration did you? I have been very busy, but I have been saving up some stuff just for this purpose. Some were bought in sets so I split them up, some were bought individually, some I bought duplicates of and some were GWP deluxe samples that I REALLY wanted to keep for myself, but decided you might appreciate them much more. I have always been an eye shadow junkie, and I think different eye colours change the way we look dramatically (lipsticks too!). So, I have compiled some things that can take you from day to night.


080413 Giveaway

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Sneaky Sunday: My Favourite Holiday Palette… For You [closed]

I think it’s not a secret that I absolutely fell in love with Guerlain this holiday season. Even though I’ve been featuring some Spring collection products, I still love the offerings of the past season. Too much pink also made me want to turn back time, or even forward 2 seasons to Fall. Mmmm…. Fall collections have always been my favourite.

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