Tagged! 5 Makeup Products I’d Pick In A Pinch

Tagged, I’m it! Tracy caught me! This is my first tag post, actually, and I thought it might be fun doing it. The tag is of course the said title, 5 makeup products I’d pick in a pinch. It’s quite hard to pick just 5 you know… on a daily basis, I already use 2-3 products just for base! So in the end, I will probably show you products that multi task!



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Now You See It, Now You Don’t – Empties Again!

Here’s another batch of products all used up to the last drop. I reviewed some of them so I’ll put up a link to the reviews, and for those I haven’t talked about before, I’ll briefly talk about what I feel about them. If you want a more in depth review, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do :-)



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My Go To Mascara Of Late: Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara

I never had much luck with Lancôme mascaras. I reviewed one previously, and it was ‘meh’. I was never going to buy another Lancôme mascara ever again, but this Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara was part of the Holiday Collection I got last year. It took me a while to actually open this to use, because I was being very skeptical. Finally, a few months ago, I decided to give it a try. I had low expectations, and perhaps because of that, I was totally wow-ed.


doll eyes 1

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Lancome Renergie Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Duo: Gimmicky

We all know the skin around our eye area is very delicate. I always believe in preventive care, rather than drowning my eyes with eye cream once I see some fine lines. I started to use eye care products in my early 20s, and I am very diligent and consistent in applying eye creams day and night. While I used lighter gels when I was younger, I now need something richer that can keep my eye area hydrated. I use a pre-serum before my eye cream and I find that helps a lot. I will talk about that another day. Today, I want to tell you about Lancome Renergie Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Duo.

renergie 1

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