The Perfect Palette Tag

Booboo Ninja tagged me! Yeah, even readers can tag me, not just bloggers. LOL! I thought it would be fun to do this too. I mean, we’re talking about palettes, yo. This tag has been going around YouTube, and I think this is still do-able even though I don’t do videos. Yet. For this tag, I have to choose a palette for different situations and they are:

1. Best Packaging
2. Best Color Payoff
3. Most Versatile
4. Best for Traveling
5. Biggest Regret
6. Best Color Names
7. Least Used
8. Most Used
9. Most Loved
10. Desert Island

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Let’s Paint The Town Red: My Red Lipsticks

Many people are intimidated by the colour red. Some love it, some shy away from it. I never wore bright red lips before I started the blog and I admit, the first time felt scary yet liberating. I have since accumulated some reds, from sheer to bold, from warm reds to darker reds. There are still a few reds I want because let me tell you one thing. Once you’ve started wearing red, you can’t stop.



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Dior Summer Brush: Brief Review and Comparison

I don’t have many face brushes, and I am picky. Not quite or rather or a little, but picky. I wouldn’t say I’m anal picky, but picky enough. Now that we’ve settled that, let’s get into it :-) The Dior Summer Brush is part of the Birds of Paradise Collection which was launched just recently in Malaysia. It is a face brush with red synthetic bristles, metal ferule and matte black handle.


summer brush 1

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A Little Tanned, A Little Bronzed – Just A Little

Bronzers are everywhere. Many blog posts I read are about Summer collections, so I got a little summerlicious bug :-P First off, let me tell you that I do not like looking tanned. I prefer pale and pasty. When I’m tanned, I look dirty. Go figure! However, I see my Dior Aurora (from last year’s Summer collection) staring at me, and I had an itch to use it. I decided to make it a little warmer by layering a base before applying this bronzer. These are the 2 products I used for this effect.



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