Tipsy Thursday: How To Apply Bright Cream Blush

This is just a very short post, to show you how I normally apply not just any cream blush, but a BRIGHT and BOLD cream blush. Many people love using their fingers, but for me, I find that I prefer using a combination of fingers AND brush. The cream blush I am showing you today is one of the brightest I own, which is MAC Florida. This shade can be intimidating, because if you use a heavy hand, you’d end up having 2 very red cheeks that are meant to stay on a baboon’s behind. However, when done right, you will have the loveliest flush ever.


cream blush stippling brush

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Sunday Stash Shopping #2

To tell you the truth, I didn’t wear much makeup the last 2 weeks. I told you I strained my back, and I stayed at home most of the time… so I didn’t manage to wear much makeup. However, when I did, these were the few things I chose from my stash. I wanted to look a little more “alive”, so I picked a brighter lipstick. It’s also been quite hot, so I just used a light dusting of powder, which disappeared shortly after due to perspiration.



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Sunday Stash Shopping #1

Bye bye Sunday Sharing series, Hello Sunday Stash Shopping! Now that I’m on a makeup ban, I am now shopping in my own stash. It’s a good way to re-discover old loves, going ooh and aah over things I have forgotten, and maybe go ‘eh??’ on why I ever bought that shitty eye shadow in that first place. Good reason to find a better home for it then. LOL!


products used

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The Bright and The Bold Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Life

When I first started out with makeup, my policy was, the sheerer the better. It’s the safe way to go. For eyes, NEUTRALS! For lips, something that match my lip colour, please. For cheeks, sheer pink and sheer corals so that I won’t look like a¬†baboon’s buttocks, thank you very much. I still love my neutrals, but I now love bright pigmented blush. Deep dark burgundy blushes, deep red wine blushes, bright fuchsia blushes that scare people away. Those, I love.


bright and bold

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January Empties

Empties time! I’m thinking of replacing this with a monthly favourites post, a hit or miss, or what’s in my bag, based on all the suggestions I received earlier. Furthermore, while I’ve been thriving at using up stuff, I doubt I can continue every single month. We’ll see. This month, I used up a little bit of everything. They are…

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