Public Announcement: Makeup Ban until Fall Collection 2013

I want to make it public. I want to make a commitment. I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANY MAKEUP ITEMS UNTIL THE LAUNCH OF FALL COLLECTION 2013 (which is around August, I think). So, that is about a 5-6-month period from now to then. Any makeup item is not allowed. Foundations, concealers, brows, eye colours, mascaras, lip colours, cheek colours, nail colours, anything at all, because I have enough to last me through this half a year and many more months. As for skincare products, purchases are only allowed if I have run out, but I’ve always been good with this.


makeup ban

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Monthend Randomness: Harmless White Lies

Did you ask many questions when you were a child? If you are a parent to toddlers, you’d know that they ask the toughest questions. So what’s a parent to do? Chloe and Ashlyn are full of questions… Mr Chloe.Ash and I do our best to answer them in all honesty, hoping they will understand. When we don’t know the answers, we own up and get back to them after we find out. However, my parents did it differently. They got creative. To me, they were harmless white lies because we’d find out sooner or later… but still!!


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