Sunday Stash Shopping #26: 4 Dior Rouge Samples

So who here doesn’t know Dior Rouge and Dior Addicts are my favourite formula in lipsticks? I’ve had this sample for months, and I didn’t use it. I honestly didn’t know what I was thinking, but I’m glad I opened it for this post. The shades have been out for a while already, so you probably have seen them. The shades are 999, Grege 1947 (169), Darling (567) and Trafalgar (539). I decided to wear them with cooler metallic eyes so I took out my neglected Urban Decay Naked2 palette. For foundation, I used my MUFE HD foundation which still has about half a bottle left.


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Urban Decay Smoked Look Book 11 Red Carpet & 12 Reality Star

We are finally at the 2 final looks!! These 2 looks have lighter lid colours, and the accentuation is all on the crease and outer corners… and false lashes. The trick to these 2 looks is staying clean. Use smaller brushes than you think you need, and if possible, keep some clean blending brushes to soften any harsh edges. On my cheeks, I’m wearing Chanel Cream Blush Intonation and on my lips, Dior Addict Lip Glow in Coral. The false lashes are some generic ones I wore to my sister in law’s wedding, and I used these a couple more times before I threw them away. Let’s get to it, shall we?




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Urban Decay Smoked Look Book 9 Vixen & 10 Midnight

Oh my, I think I love these 2 looks. So far, I’ve been feeling kinda ‘meh’ following all the instructions, but these 2 are quite flattering on my eyes. They’re relatively easy to do and the key is soft blending with CLEAN brushes. Having 2 blending brushes and pencil brushes helped tremendously :-) I included falsies in these 2 looks to show you how dramatically different the looks are compared to the rest where I skimped on them. I guess falsies are a must for more beautiful smokey eyes, unless you’re lucky to have long thick lashes. If you do, I hate you. Now, let’s rock Vixen and Midnight.


smoked eyeshadows1


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Urban Decay Smoked Look Book 7 Enigma & 8 Cat Eye

Enigma and Cat Eye are very difficult for me. Maybe it’s due to the shape of my eyes, not enough lid space, or just the lack of a natural crease, they’re just really messy! I think I could make them work better using my way, but I wanted to follow the instructions to a tee. This really proves to me that there isn’t ONE way to do things when it comes to makeup, and what works for some definitely won’t work on others.

Let’s get to the 2 looks now – created using the Urban Decay Smoked Palette, following the instructions in the look book provided.


smoked eyeshadows


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Urban Decay Smoked Look Book 3 Smouldering & 4 Matte

I’m assuming most of you have read the review of the Smoked Palette and also the first couple of looks I created according to the Look Book. If not, the links are <here> and <here>. I’ve been wanting to post these looks 3 and 4 but I’ve been putting it off. I wish I could give you a good reason, but in all honesty, I was just lazy :-P Without much ado…


smoked eyeshadows1


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